Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work inside Coinsberg?

Collectible coins. Commemorative coins. Rare coins. Precious coins. Silver and gold minted pieces perfect for collecting and investments. There are many people obsessed with hoarding coins either for their beauty or their value. Numismatists collect coins for subjects, years of issue, countries, historical periods etc. Many complete their collections with special editions of currency, often made of precious metals, issued to commemorate significant events or milestones. There are different type of special coins aimed to be given as gifts or souvenirs for holidays and occasions. Such present can be both valuable thing and memorable item mentioned to remind its owner about the event. 
In every case it’s a challenge to find the proper coin and to purchase it fast and safe. The local offline shops may be a good choice if they have the suitable items. And if they don’t, one should try online coin shop to fulfill his needs. The strong side of the variant is that customer can get any coin he wants from the opposite side of the Earth by just a few clicks. At the time finding and purchasing impressive items is easy like never before. 
Anyone knows how it works when buying something in domestic online shop – one places order, pay by credit card and the order gets shipped in some days or even hours. When something goes wrong the customer is defended by the country’s law. 
But how does the international internet coin shop work and would it be safe to purchase from it? How do customers solve their problems with payments or shipping of goods from foreign shops? What is return policy and how does it all work?
The general answer is: similarly. uses the international payment methods like Visa and MasterCard and PayPal as well. Those systems have the same safety policies in every country, so in arguments customers have the same rights as in domestic business affairs. Though, it doesn’t mention that one can be nonchalant with using his card on internet, as it’s full of fraud. 
The other usual concern is connected with shipping and returning or purchases. The evident thing is that in most cases it takes more time for international orders to be shipped. The rest operations generally take more time as well. In cases of missing the order while shipping or damaging it by postal service refunds the loss to its customers. The return of purchase policy is the same as for domestic shops and described in details here. Returning of the purchased item is possible in 14 days since receiving it by the customer. 
To defend himself from frauds and disappointment one should order coins at the large online stores having good reputation and feedbacks. The numismatist society is not that large, but rather tied up, so it’s pointless for the serious businesses to fraud its purchasers. Buying collectible coins from private sellers occurs much more unconfident.       
 The last but not least important topic of concern is communication. One can easily call to his domestic shop and discuss any questions. The international online shops can be reached predominantly by emails and there are reasons for that. First, the time difference between the customer and shop’s physical location can obtain 12 hours. Second, the phone calling abroad can be (and certainly it is!) expensive for the client. The additional reason is language. works worldwide, so it uses English as international way of communication. If it’s not your native language (as it is not for us), it’s possible to be easier to contact by written words.

Placing order online

When you decide to place order at you need to register first. Registration will help you to stay in touch with your order’s details and to communicate with shop team in case of mess, so it is compulsory. Enter your login every time when using, so that way you will be able to add the items you’re interested in to the watching list to easily find them the next time you enter the site. You also can click the button “Inform me when is available” at the items which are out of stock and you will get the notification on your email address from the system when they will be available for ordering again. 
The coins you want to purchase have to be placed into the cart first. Be careful with the descriptions of the items, their denominations, condition and quantity to avoid further mess. When you ended up with adding coins to your cart, you need to confirm the order and choose the payment method and terms of shipping. As a result you’ll get the conformational letter to your email address with details of the order. 
Please, note that unpaid orders will be removed in 30 days. can prolong the term of waiting for the payment if the customer informed the staff about the delay. If you have any questions about your order or shipping or something else related, ask them before paying; use our contact form or the email

What if I change my mind about my order or want to change something particular in it? What should I do then?

In case you change your mind about anything depending your order at you should contact our team as fast as possible via email Write down the changes your want to make in your order along with its order number which is automatically sent to you when making your order in our online coin shop. 
We always try to process the order within three business days since payment, thus in some cases we won’t be able to change the order due to it is already sent. But if not, we will gladly change your order according to your claims. 
In other cases changes can be made in conditions of our Returning policy.

How to pay for the order at

We accept online payment methods such as cards and PayPal. You can use your Visa, MasterCard directly or your PayPal account to conclude the purchase. These are the fast and secure ways to pay for your order online and get it ASAP. The other methods of payment can be discussed with our managers via email

What to do when the order is paid?

When the order was paid, the purchased items are packed and sent in 3 business days from the date of payment. The corresponding automatic message from our shop’s system informs a customer about changing the order status. Each customer also gets the unique tracking number which allows tracing the shipping way of the package using
Standard terms of shipping are different depending on regions of delivery. As our shop is located in Europe, the fastest shipping is within the continent: 5-10 days. Shipping to North America and the rest of the world usually takes more time and occupies 1-3 weeks. 
Please, pay attention that national holidays and state dates in the country of sending or receiving may prolong the term of shipping. In any case of concern contact us at

Is it true that worldwide shipping of any order at is free?

The shipping of any order placed at is free. We ship the orders worldwide and there isn’t any additional payments for delivery either included or needed to be paid by the customer further. As there are no limits of price, quantity or weight of the order, one can get any item he is willing to purchase for its total price without additional costs.

How fast will my order be processed and sent?

All orders at are processed by our team ASAP, though there can be up to 12 hours delay caused by the time difference or holidays. The standard time gap between the payment and sending the order to the customer is 3 business days. Changing of the order status is reported by the automatic messages sent by site.
In some cases your orders can be processed and sent even on holidays, depending on different circumstances. All individual terms and conditions can be discussed with our management via email

When to expect my order to arrive?

The delivery terms in our shop depend on the distance between our stock and the customer’s location, so they can be different. Holidays in any country whether in sender’s or receiver’s one can affect the terms of shipping by prolonging them. 
Standard terms of shipping within Europe are 5-10 days. Standard terms of shipping to North American continent occupy 7-15 days. And shipping to other regions of the world can be from one to three weeks.

Is there a way to trace the order’s shipping?

Every order sent by has its tracking number which serves to trace the shipping way of any package. One can easily check the location of the shipped item at using its unique tracking number. Every customer gets the tracking number in an automatic message from the site when the pre-paid order was sent. To check the location of the package 13-symbol code must be put inside the corresponding bar.

What is returning policy of Coinsberg? is intending to satisfy its customers’ needs the best way, so our return policy is client-oriented. We will gladly return you funds in 14-day term in case if you aren’t satisfied with your order. In case you want to return your purchase, email us to with description of the problem occurred. It’s also important to keep the item and its packing whole if you want to return it back. 
After discussing the problem with our manager, you will need to send the item back to the address mentioned. Make a note, that shipping and insurance fees are paid by the customer in this case. We will return money for the item once it will be received and reviewed. 
The same scheme is used when you received the damaged package. In case you have got your order broken or incomplete you can return it and get the money back or get the replacement sent to you instead. In any case use the contact form or email us to

What to do if the prepaid order is not delivered?

The terms of shipping may vary depending on the distance, holidays and different unpredictable reasons. In general cases, the order is delivered in 5-10 days within Europe, in 1-2 weeks to North America and up till 3 weeks worldwide. Thus, the average maximum shipping term is 21 days for any location. After this time is expired without any result, the customer should contact the team via email   
The orders also can be traced by tracking numbers here: The tracking numbers are sent to the customers automatically when the order was passed to shipping service.

How can I contact staff fast if I have questions?

Due to our worldwide commercial activity it’s evident, that we can be reached any time via email Feel free to ask your questions and’s team will answer them ASAP. We don’t provide the live chat on our site at the time because of the possible time difference, which can obtain 12 hours.

What procedure does a coin go through when is prepared for sale?

All coins at are for sale in their best condition. It means that all the items got from private hands are professionally cleaned (if needed); our specialists also complete packing of those coins which do not have original demonstrating cases. Generally, all coins are sold in transparent capsules protecting them from damaging.
The main thing at is original photography of all items for sale. Each coin has its own images taken by the professional photographer in our studio. Our customers buy exactly what they see on photos. We show the real condition of each coin with maximum details. We never use sided images at site. That also means that all the items for sale are physically presented in the stock and available for purchasing. 
Then descriptions of commemorative coins for sale are created by us respectively. Short texts express main features of the items along with their subjects to help our customers to make a choice. Besides, each coin at has summary on its page that contains information about issue, measures etc.
Thus, team provides complete original description of each commemorative coin for sale on the site. Our customers buy exactly what they see in our catalog.

What does one need to know when buying “second hand” coins?  

Collectors often buy coins from private sellers; it’s determined by many different reasons. Sometimes, the temptation is price of the item, but there are situations when desirable collectible coins are quite rare and out of sale in the official stores of their producing Mints – the only chance to get them is to buy from other numismatists. 
The weak side of the plan is high risk of fraud, especially when the seller is private person or buyer has not much experience in collectibles and their values. Purchasing uncirculated commemoratives from the Mints is easy, but it’s not so clear for coins with history. Even slightly damaged (micro scratches or fingerprints) collectible coin can cost significantly cheaper than the perfect one.  
So, first is coin’s condition. One should always pay attention on the description of the item he wants to buy. Even if there’s no mention about the condition of the coin, it’s worth to be asked. Then come package and documents. The collectible coin should have transparent protecting capsule and original demonstration box. Some commemorative coins have various booklets or other creative packages instead of traditional boxes. The Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is a document stating the coin’s origin; it also contains information about collectible’s measures, material, mintage etc. 
If the package and Certificate come along with the coin and all parts have perfect condition, the value of the collectible piece is the highest. For rare coins or ones issued years ago the price usually grows. We at get such “coins with history” from other numismatists and coin collectors who keep them safe and sound for decades. Our professionals have abilities to rate the items right and prepare them for sale.  
The collectible pieces without box or CoA generally are cheaper, as those which have damaged or incomplete package. The exceptions are old and ancient coins. The availability of package and documents is usually mentioned by sellers. 
The next case describes coins which have imperfections: traces of circulation, scratches, oxides, fingerprints etc. Such collectible pieces can have different prices, either lower or comparable to undamaged ones. Some precious bullion coins almost don’t lose their value because of little imperfections as they still have the same weight and other parameters. The commemorative coins’ values usually strictly depend on their condition, so their prices change individually. Otherwise, some collectible coins are expensive no matter of the little damage because of their rarity. 
This kind of collectibles is often preferred by professional numismatists and investors due to possibility of bargain on the price shifting. Making deals with imperfect collectible coins require numismatic experience and knowledge. All those team has. Our professionals search for rare and interesting items with slight imperfections to offer them in our online shop. They prepare the coins for sale and estimate them according to their numismatic value. Collectible coins at always have real detailed description and professional close photos showing their current condition. We don’t deal with significantly damaged coins because their values are very arguable.

What are risks when buying coins with history and how to avoid them?

Every coin collector gets this challenge – where to buy collectable items from, shops or private sellers? It often appears that private sellers offer coins cheaper than official shops, so the temptation to make a bargain is too strong. Sometimes the deal ends with disappointment, when the buyer gets false piece or just one which condition is worse than it’s mentioned by the description. 
The risks of purchasing any item from a private seller are always the same, but when it comes to numismatics they are even higher, because the coin’s value greatly depends on its condition. Collectible coin with micro scratches, oxides or barely visible fingerprints can lose the bigger part of its value. So, even when the buyer gets exactly what he purchased its real price can be seriously lower because of imperfections. 
The majority of coin collectors are forced to look for the private sellers’ offers and auctions from time to time, because rare pieces are already sold at the official stores. The same thing is about coins with history i.e. issued in previous years. There are pretty high risks of buying the wrong item or even losing money on fraud.  
The solution is to purchase collectible coins from official sellers or numismatic shops with good reputation and fair returning policy. The latter option allows the customer to return the item which doesn’t fit his requirements on any stage of purchasing. It is the only real warranty of buyer’s satisfaction. 
We at have professionals which can indicate the condition of the collectible coin and rate it the right way. Along with real photos of our items it helps our customers to make a justified choice.

Where does get the “second hand” coins for sale from? gets coins for sale from different places. As numismatics is our professional occupation, we have numerous sources of collectible coins, which we offer in our shop. Normally we get new commemorative coins directly from the Mints of several countries; otherwise we buy them from wholesale dealers. And there are few more ways to get rare collectible coins for sale, such as buying them directly from private hands. We constantly seek for the suitable pieces at the antique markets, special trade spaces online etc. 
While buying collectible coins from private persons can have unpredictable effects, our professionals make bargains that way with benefits.’s numismatists have knowledge and skills to evaluate “second hand” collectible coins and even restore them when necessary. The slight imperfections on some coins usually are caused by the conditions of their storage, especially when item has been got as gift by common people (not a coin collector). 
Our customers can be sure that they get original items for fair prices. We don’t deal with replicas or counterfeit.

Where is physically located?

Currently, the online coin shop’s stocks and offices are located in Vilnius, Lithuania and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Can I reach the shop staff by phone?

Normally we use emails for discussing questions, but if your situation requires live talk, then it is possible. Please, send your phone number and a short notice of your problem to our email address and we will gladly call you. Our staff speaks English and Russian, so verbal communication is possible using one of these languages.

What language should I use when contacting the shop?

At the time we at communicate with our customers using English and Russian languages.

How can I reach chief manager?

If for some reason you need to contact management directly, you can send an email to

What to do if I’m not satisfied with product quality or service?

We at are eager to satisfy our customers in their demands for valuable collectible coins. Our professionals do their best to provide the quality service; so we value our reputation. In case you are not completely satisfied with something related to your order at, send us an email to describing the problem. We’ll offer you ways to solve the problem for the mutual profit.

Are there some ways to get the item by the lower price?

Every constant customer of online shop can look to individual discounts depending on the total value of the previously ordered collectibles. We afford season sales as well. For more information please check the site or email to

How can I leave the feedback about the shop?

Any feedback about online shop is accepted via contact form or by email to Please, forward your offers, questions and notes to the same addresses. We will pay attention to any signal from our customers.

What is the minimum/maximum order I can make at 

There are no limitations by the total price or weight of the orders. We will send you any available amount of collectibles you’d like to order. 
Important: there can be limitations for imported precious metal items put by the customs of your country. The excess of limited quantity can require paying taxes to the customs.

How can I reject my order fast?

One can reject the unpaid order at within 30 days since it was placed; after that term the unpaid order will be deleted automatically. To reject the unpaid order or the one which was paid but not sent yet, you should connect the team ASAP via email
If the rejected order has been already sent, you need to send it back according to conditions our Returning policy when it will be received.

What taxes should I pay when receiving my order from

The local customs of different countries can require additional payments from buyers for purchasing precious metal items from abroad or excessing the limitations. To avoid troubles and unwanted payments one should check out his local customs rules and taxes.