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Zambia 1000 kwacha African Wildlife Leopard coin 2014

Zambia 1000 kwacha African Wildlife Leopard coin 2014


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Zambia is known as the only state, which entered the Olympic Games as one country and left as another one, due to declaration of independency claimed then. The diversity of Zambian tribes determines significant variations in the lifestyles and traditions of its population. The difference is bigger in rural regions of the country, while urbanized population mixed their cultures together with strong European influence added. Local arts and music are still different in various parts of the state, having the great tourism potential. Natural features, such as Victoria Falls and wildlife national parks, attract tourists no less. The main sector of Zambian economy is copper mining, discovered in colonial times. Currently the state tries to use the other sources of revenue, because of general decline of its copper mining industry.
Issuing of commemorative coins of Zambia is quite irregular. Thus the collectible Zambian coins are desirable ones among the coin lovers. Both circulating and special coins of Zambia depict the local features of the country, mainly the African wildlife species. Precious commemorative Zambian coins can have other subjects though. The collectible items are minted in limited editions and sold to collectors. It’s notable, that ordinary circulated Zambian coins, which are widely offered for sale as souvenirs, do not contain any precious metal. One can buy coins of Zambia online via and get the piece along with its Certificate of Authenticity. We provide free shipping to any place in the world for our items.