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Despite its colorful cultural past Uzbekistan is considered to be the authoritarian state by now with its leader being unaltered since formation of the independent state. Historical events often appear on the special coins of Uzbekistan minted for collecting. The name of both legal tender and collectible coins of Uzbekistan is som.
Uzbekistan has dry climate causing vast desert territories and decrease of the Aral Sea, which was the Earth’s fourth largest inland sea in the past. Nowadays the volume of the sea is approximately threefold smaller than it was in the beginning of XX century. That was the result of super intensive cotton growth started in 1960’s; waters were used for irrigation of cotton fields, as the crop needs massive watering. The other negative effects are air and soil pollution with salt and pesticides.
Uzbekistan has the significant reserves of gold, copper and natural gas, as well as the uranium ore. The state exports the resources to sustain the economy. Issuing of the commemorative Uzbekistan coins is the additional activity of the government, so they’re quite rare. By the present time very small amounts of Uzbekistan coins appear from time to time online. Due to remoteness of the country and obstructed international connections it’s not easy for collectors to add coins of Uzbekistan to their collections. Check the for the beautiful Uzbekistan coins by the best prices!