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Except the continental mainland, which is divided by Canada on two parts (Alaska and the rest), America has the island territories, located in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. Hawaii is the most famous overseas possession of the United States. USA has the world’s largest economy by numerous indexes and, accordingly, the high standards of living. The state is one of the pioneers of space research, having the successful experience of astronautics. Next goal of US space program is sending mission to Mars.
USA is a current trendsetter in world’s cinema, popular music, fashion and some other subjects. The filming industry of America, located in Hollywood, engage millions of dollars. Baseball and American football are the national kinds of sport in the state. European football is called soccer in the USA and has less popularity, than it does in the Old World. Sports are extremely popular subjects for commemorative coins of USA, which are produced for collecting. The majority of collectable American coins are made from precious metals in traditional style. All coins of America bear the state symbols of the country and the splendid thematic designs. offers coins of USA online by the best prices. All the purchased collectable American coins are shipped for free to any country.