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Numerous interior military conflicts and high-corrupted government prevent the country of reaching prosperity. Millions of refugees from other African countries live in camps in Uganda. Along with poverty there are human rights violations widespread in Uganda. These reasons caused the unpopularity of the country for tourism. The main sectors of Ugandan economy are connected with agriculture, including growing of tobacco and coffee for export. Child labor is widely used in rural works. Other commodities are produced there too; almost all exports go through the Mombasa port, situated in neighboring Kenya.
Despite the absence of sea or ocean shores, the country enjoys its location near the world’s largest Lake Victoria. There is a plenty of smaller lakes in Uganda, it’s the African Lake District. The Nile river flows through one of the Ugandan lakes. Tropical climate and rich water resources cause wide diversity of biota. The country has some national parks and protected areas, where endangered African wildlife species live in safety. The landmark of Uganda is beautiful crested crane, depicted on both the state flag and the Coat of Arms of the country.
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