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The island country lies in warm tropical climate zone, but can’t develop tourism due to its distant location. The islanders do traditional agriculture and fishing. Besides, Tuvalu gets income from selling native domain names .tv, gaining up to 10% of total revenue from it. The country also does ship registration under its flag and produces collectable Tuvalu coins and stamps. Multifarious special coins of Tuvalu have numerous variant series on any demand. One can find beautiful Tuvalu coins for a present on any occasion or for one’s own coin collection. Greatly popular Lunar zodiac signs are presented in Tuvalu coins range also. Spectacular precious coins of Tuvalu are available at
Tuvalu greatly suffers modern life’s effects, such as pollution and global warming. The latter caused El Niño effect and ocean acidification, leading to damaging the coral reefs of Tuvalu islands. Tropical cyclones and devastating king tides became more often in the region, so islanders are in constant risk of losing their property or even life. Global warming caused the danger for the flat atolls and riffs of Tuvalu to be flooded by the rising waters, and the connected La Niña effect led to lack of fresh water on the islands. These troubles caused the massive emigration of Tuvaluans to Australia and New Zealand. Some of them call themselves the climate change refugees.