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Despite all that, the country is considered to be the one of the most regressive states of the world because of lack of freedom and constant restriction of human rights. Since Turkmenistan became independent state till 2006 republic was ruled by the former leader of Soviet Turkmen SSR Saparmurat Niyazov who was in fact president-for-life. He had absolute control over Turkmenistan until his death, stated the draconic policies for its citizens. Niyazov is listed as the modern times dictator not only for long period leadership, but for his personality cult in Turkmenistan, where he presented himself as the father of the nation. There are numerous collectible coins of Turkmenistan depicting the deceased president and images connected to him. Manat is the official name of Turkmenistan coins minted for collecting, as of those issued as a legal tender.
Almost 80 per cent of the Turkmenistan territory is covered by the extremely dry Karakum Desert, which is home for some endangered wildlife species though. Those animals are the popular subjects for commemorative Turkmenistan coins. Beautiful finely crafted images present desert animals from the Red Book. Valuable special coins of Turkmenistan will be the great additions to relevant thematic coin collections. One can order online any of Turkmenistan coins from and get it shipped for free. The coins are not only valuable things to collect, but also precious metal investments. Collectible precious coins of Turkmenistan are rather rare ones.
The country is reach in natural gas and oil, which give Turkmenistan economical sustain. One of the most significant tourist attractions of Turkmenistan is the burning natural gas crater called Door to Hell. The site located in the Karakum Desert continues to burn from the 1970’s due to its largest gas reserves.