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Tristan Da Cunha 1 Crown 6 Coins Set Great Explorers 2014 Coin

Tristan Da Cunha 1 Crown 6 Coins Set Great Explorers 2014 Coin


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There are some small uninhabited islands also near Tristan. The islands of archipelago are famous for their unique biodiversity of birds and plants. Some plants are similar to those found in New Zealand, despite the great distance between them. Small islands of Tristan da Cuhna archipelago are breeding places for rare sea birds of the region, including the threatened ones, such as Atlantic and Spectacled petrels and Tristan albatross. These birds have nests only on Tristan da Cuhna. There are also populations of rockhopper penguins and Inaccessible Island rails on the islands. The latter species is considered to be the smallest flightless bird on Earth, and it’s endemic for the region.
There were a few accidents on the island during the newest history, when fire, cyclones or volcanic eruption heavily damaged the settlements, but its residents continued to live there. Producing collectible stamps and coins for Tristan da Cunha is the way to make a contribution to its income. Collectable commemorative Tristan da Cunha coins usually are very spectacular because of their unusual shape and features. The coinages launch occasionally, so the coins of Tristan da Cunha are quite rare pieces of collections. Some sets of Tristan da Cunha coins are available for ordering online at right now.