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Solomon Islands served as a war scene for Americans and Japanese during the World War II. Battles of WWII put the end to the plantations and trade. Current history of the Solomon Islands is marked by ethnic conflicts between natives of different ancestry. While the absolute majority of population is Melanesian, there are also groups of Polynesian and Micronesian inhabitants; they all speak up to 70 different tongues. Less than 2% of the native islanders can speak English despite it’s an official language of the state. The common language of Solomon Islands is Pijin, which is some sort of broken English. School education is not compulsory, so only 6 out of 10 children attend even primary school. The literacy rate of Solomon Islands’ population is very poor.
Solomon Islands’ main sources of income are palm oil and copra export with an addition of cocoa beans and fish export. But the largest part of financial sustain comes to the state due to export of non-coniferous wood materials, which leads to dangerous overexploitation of unique islands’ rainforests. Tourism is not developed the way it is in some other tropical countries, mostly because of lack of infrastructure.
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