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Saint Helena Island is supposed to be first discovered by Portuguese, then it was visited by Dutch sailors and finally British ones. At last, the island became a Great Britain's colony. St. Helena was the important point for the ships to stop for rest on their way to India, till the Suez Canal was built. St. Helena lost the bigger part of income accordingly. In 1840, the British navy garrison was settled on Saint Helena to prevent slave trade; thousands of Africans were set free there since then.
Due to warm oceanic climate and location, Saint Helena has the diversity of birds and trees, but not local animals. The endemic bird of Saint Helena is depicted on both the emblem and the flag of the island. Because of deforestation, the modern look of the island is very different, comparing to what it looked like before. Jungles with multifarious trees nowadays almost disappeared; some of endemic plants, such as string tree and the olive of St. Helena, are extinct, while a number of others are endangered at present time. Colorful bird and fish species are depicted on commemorative coins of St. Helena Island, issued for collecting. Picturesque series of collectible coins of Saint Helena are a part of increasing income of the island. Some rare coins of Saint Helena are available online at right now. They will be good additions to collections of various subjects. Free shipping to any place for all St. Helena coins is provided.