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The name of the country derives from the Latin word meaning “the people of Rome”, pointing that the lands were part of Roman Empire. The Roman language originates from the Latin also. Territories of Romania, especially Transilvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia, were parts of different states during the European history. The former Communist country, Romania had gone through the violent revolution in 1989 and execution of its dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The World War II for Romania was marked by disgrace of cooperation with Nazi Germany. Hundreds of thousands of Jews and Roman Gypsies were killed in concentration camps. The leader of fascist Romania was executed for war crimes after the victory of Allies.
Science were on the high level several decades ago, but now it got behind the developed countries’ one. Despite it, the state commemorates its inventors by issuing collectable Romanian coins, dedicating to the significant local people. The special coins of Romania are some kind of exotic, so it is a lucky chance to get some of them to one’s collection. The subjects of Romanian coins may refer to any popular theme, but the mintage quantity typically is not large. The sports achievements of Romania are worth to be shown on Romanian coins as well. offers coins of Romania for sale by the best prices!