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Portugal Jubilee Set of 91 coins

Portugal Jubilee Set of 91 coins


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Portugal has the longest colonization era; it gave away its last colony of Macau to China in 1999. So called Age of Discovery was opened by Portuguese explorers in 1415 with setting the first Portugal colony. Portuguese discovered Madeira and Azores, Brazil, North America, reached India and South Africa, as well as Japan, Taiwan and China. There are some evidences, that it was Portuguese ship that first reached Australia, before Dutch ones did. Colonies and trading missions made the country a strong and prosperous state, the art and culture of that period are called the Portuguese Renaissance. Most of the colonies gain their independence till 1971.
The maritime conquers are the main theme of Portuguese history and a great part of its landmarks. The commemorative coins of Portugal often depict images, connected to the Age of Discovery, former colonies and vessels. Current collectible Portuguese coins can be made either of precious metal or base metal, but the artwork and mintage quality are always perfect. Due to coins of Portugal are quite rare, they will become the beautiful addition to any coin collection. Wonderful and exotic Portuguese coins are available at 24/7! We offer not only perfect collectable coins of Portugal, but provide free shipping of orders worldwide.