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Poland’s got great damage during the time of World War II, when its territory was occupied by Nazis. The Adolf Hitler supporters built a number of concentration and extermination camps in Poland where millions of European Jews were killed, including almost 90% of Polish Jews. Millions of ethnical Poles were killed during the war also, both Allies’ troops and civilians. The population of post-war Poland has decreased by 12 million people.
Further history of Poland was influenced by Soviet Union and its Communist course. Ended up that period till the beginning of 1990’s, Poland reforms its policy and economy to coincide the standards of developed European countries. Now Poles are the second wealthiest nation of Central Europe after Czech. Poland rose up a great number of scientists (Nicolaus Copernicus, Maria Sklodowska-Curie), musicians (Fryderyk Chopin), artists and other outstanding people. The country has the Baltic Sea coast and old woodlands where the last species of threatened European fauna live. The Bialowieza forest is home for such endangered animals as wisents, wolves, brown bears, lynxes and others. White storks made up their greatest European population in Poland.
The Polish Mint is active in producing collectable Polish coins on various subjects. There are beautiful finely decorated precious ones, including the Polish coins of unusual shape and containing different features. Commemorative coins of Poland usually depict important historical events and persons of the state. One can find coins of Poland at and order them online.