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Peru, 1  Un Dino, Silver, AU-UNC, 1894 TF, Circulated

Peru, 1 Un Dino, Silver, AU-UNC, 1894 TF, Circulated


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Pre-Columbian Peru was a location of the unique civilizations; the most famous, but not the only of them was Inca Empire. Incas left numerous traces of their culture, the main of which are ruins of the abandoned cities, like Machu Picchu. Spanish colonization brought new traditions and culture to the region, but determined the decline of Inca civilization. The architecture of Peru combines of the colonial Spanish baroque with local Amerindian elements. Arts of the colonial era depicted mostly religious subjects; current style is eclectic, as the other sides of Peruvian life. The state has three official languages, one is Spanish and the other two are local Amerindian ones.
The population of the country, similar to the situation in other Latin American states, consists of Amerindians and the Mestizo – people of mixed European and indigenous descent. Comparing to the other Latin American states, Peru has quite large part of indigenous people – up to half of the population. They have kept some traditions till the nowadays, as for instance Peruvian religious cults are a sort of mixture of Roman Catholic Church and local spiritual beliefs. Some of the festivals of pre-Columbian era are still celebrated in Peru. The national spirit is inherent even to circulated coins of Peru along with special ones. Precious metal Peruvian coins show the unique Inca ornaments and landmarks of the country. Beautiful collectable coins of Peru are available at Commemorative and collectable Peruvian coins, purchased online, are shipped for free.