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The islands, which now are Palau, were first discovered by Spanish explorers. Then Palau Islands were sold to the Germans. Japanese annexed the islands between the World Wars. All the occupants left on Palau their cultural, religious and language traces. The island country itself keeps traditional way of living, accepting some features of western lifestyle. The most of its income Palau get from tourism; the big part is aid as well. The government issues multifarious commemorative coins of Palau to sustain the economy of the small country. Special mintages of Palau coins can’t be used as means of payment in USA, despite their dollar denominations. Various collectable Palau coins are made of precious metal and have splendid designs. Some rare coins of Palau have unusual shape and other features, which distinguish them from the mass. One can choose and order beautiful Palau coins for any occasion at All purchased online coins of Palau are shipped worldwide for free.
Palau enjoys the permanently warm tropical climate with the same temperature all the year long. Because the islands lie in volcanic zone, there can be earthquakes in Palau; though typhoons are quite rare in this region. The biota of Palau islands is presented by numerous plants, birds and sea animals. The significant species of Palau’s fauna is 4,5 m saltwater crocodiles living all over the islands. Although only one human was killed by a crocodile during all the registered times, the species are considered extremely dangerous. The government of Palau established the first shark sanctuary around the islands some years ago to protect the natural environment of Pacific Ocean.