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One can find original Norwegian coins at, including commemorative coins and souvenir coins of Norway, issued for collecting. Usually they bear the national images of Norway, mostly connected with maritime and military fame of Vikings. The other popular themes for the coins of Norway are traditional heraldic emblems of regions and ancient Scandinavian myths. Any available coins of Norway can be ordered online and received worldwide.
Norway have rather mild climate in its southern regions, while the northern parts located close to the Arctic Circle are very severe and cold. Atlantic coast of the country has the wetter weather than eastern one does, where the capital city Oslo is located. The warm Gulf Stream makes Norwegian climate more comfortable than it might be. Due to the vast pristine wild nature areas and low density of population, the country has many flora and fauna species endangered on a global scale but numerous in Norway. The most remarkable ones are brown and polar bears, the grey wolf, the Arctic fox, the sperm whale and the elk. There are also massive wild forests and spectacular fjords in Norway, which attract tourists from all over the world. The country provides the advanced nature saving policy on a permanent basis. Norway is also famous for the Nobel Prize fund.