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Nicaragua is far from prosperity, especially comparing to other countries of the region. Almost half of the population lives below the poverty line. The salaries in Nicaragua are the lowest not only in Americas, but in the whole world. Many Nicaraguans left the country for a better life, mostly for the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. The largest part of Nicaraguan income is coffee growing. The largest international food companies buy coffee beans in Nicaragua. Special collectable coins of Nicaragua are issued from time to time and may have various subjects. Neither commemorative Nicaraguan coins, nor circulated ones are common in the coin collections, due to distant location of the country. Being quite exotic, coins of Nicaragua are desirable pieces for collectors, whether they’re precious or not. Some rare coins of Nicaragua are available for ordering online via Shipping is free for all Nicaraguan coins, ordered online.
Tourism makes an important contribution to country’s economy as well. The intricate history, incredible nature and distinct culture of Nicaragua attract a number of tourists annually. The country offers a great variety of activities to try on vacations. One can go hiking, climbing volcanoes, camping, boating, sightseeing, swimming and kayaking in Nicaragua. Tourists also enjoy trying national cuisine of Nicaragua, which is quite exotic for western culture. Nicaragua still has the massive tropical forests on its territory, and thus the biodiversity of the land are outstanding too.