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Nepal had been the on the trade routes from India to Tibet for ages, so that determined its individuality. Nepali language is derived from Sanskrit and currently is widely spoken by the citizens of Nepal. The political instability of the state leads to low economic development of the country, which is one of the poorest in the world. Nepal became republic in 2008, after long-lasting civil war. Monarchy was abolished in Nepal, and the head of the state is elected since then. The second president of Nepal is female, elected in 2015. After the long period of archaic traditions Nepal is turning towards the western legislation. The state is among very few Asian countries, which abolished death penalty. Recently, Nepali citizens got the right to qualify themselves as a third sex, not male or female.
There are a number of special coins of Nepal issued by the government. Stunning commemorative Nepali coins are usually struck in high rate silver, so they’re not only a beautiful collectable piece, but a precious investment. The images of collectable Nepali coins often are dedicated to the native culture, wild nature or other features. Special silver coins of Nepal are rarities due to the remoteness of the country, so they are very desirable ones for coin collectors. One can see the indigenous script on Nepali coins along with effigies. Get the best deals with collectable coins of Nepal online at!