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Beautiful collectible coins of Mongolia are minted with a great diversity of subjects, so any coin collector can find something interesting to purchase. Thematic series of Mongolian coins include greatly popular horoscope signs and Lunar animals, miracles of the world, endangered animals, sports and special precious gift coins. Most of these stunning coins are made with decorations, plating and colorizing technologies to delight any demands. Numerous rare Mongolian coins of unusual shapes and unique designs are available online at
Some of the most spectacular coins of Mongolia are dedicated to steppe animals. As the country is covered with cold grassy plains and mountains, the Mongolian biota isn’t too multifarious, but is specific though. The region is also known for the legendary “wild man” called by Mongols the Alma. The creature is considered to be a cryptozoological hominid and live in solitary areas of central Asia. The other names for such species are yeti and big Foot. While scientists reject the existence of Alma, it appears on the coins of Mongolia as its landmark. Mongolia also has the original Soyombo script and a number of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Most of the local cultural symbols can be seen on the coins of Mongolia intended for collecting.