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Monaco is known for its gambling and banking industries, which give it the huge income. It’s notable that the third part of all Monaco population is millionaires. World’s celebrities and aristocrats chose the state as their most beloved resort, attracting to Monaco more tourists. Tourism and luxury shopping are the next best points of revenue. About 48 thousand of employees come to Monaco for work from Italy and France daily. Sport of the country is presented by the prestigious F1 Grand Prix motor racing, taking place on Monaco streets since 1929. The Formula One competitions are one more way to attract tourists to the country.
In 2002, Monaco claimed to share the Euro as its official currency and even got the right to issue its own Monaco coins with Monegasque images. Since that time some editions of collectible Monaco coins were launched with national designs. What’s interesting about it is the date of the very first coinage, which is 2001 instead of 2002. It’s because the first Euro coins of Monaco were minted beforehand, a year earlier. Previous legal tender notes and coins of Monaco were francs. The small country produces a number of precious commemorative Monaco coins, which aren’t means of payment in Eurozone though. Buying coins of Monaco online is easy via!