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Mayotte became the 101th French department as a result of referendum after being a colony of France. There is a territory argument between France and Comoro Islands for Mayotte and the lesser islets, which Comoros claim a part of their union. While France is criticized for keeping its colonies, the majority of Mahorans do not want to separate from it and join Comoros because of the higher social standards of living provided by France. Besides, Mayotte has its own regional council. The legislation of the region is still based on traditional Muslim laws in many ways, obstructing integration in Metropolitan France and European Union as well.
The economy of Mayotte strongly depends on financial aid and food import from France. The main commodities of the islands at the same time are agricultural crops. Mayotte exports vanilla, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, coffee, coconuts and copra. Because of the remoteness of Mayotte islands, the main trading partner for import and export is France. Mayotte has an airport, highways and ports.
Issuing of the commemorative coins of Mayotte is one more way to sustain the economy of the islands. The collectable Mayotte coins are struck by mainland France. Because of their rarity, special coins of Mayotte are desirable ones for any coin collector. Some collectable Mayotte coins are available at The company provides free shipping for all coins of Mayotte purchased online.