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Having the biggest density of population on Earth, Macau at the same time is one of the richest cities in the world, due to gambling, tourism and garment producing. Some trading coins of Macau, produced for casino industry, have become the collectible ones. Because of a small size of the region and its location, Macau coins are quite rare ones in coin collections. offers different coins of Macau online as well as the other collectible coins. You can purchase either Macau coins or other rare coins and get them shipped for free to your place.
Most of the population is Cantonese with a small quantity of Portuguese and mixed descendants. As a result, the most popular cultural events of Macao are similar to the Chinese ones, the Lunar New Year as for instance. The emblem and the flag of Macau bear the image of sacred Asian flower, the lotus, which also applies to rather Eastern culture. Some collectible coins of Macau have traditional Chinese symbols on them also. Chinese folk beliefs and Buddhism are presented in Macau by temples and statues, while Christian Cathedrals were built there too. The cuisine of the city is the spicy mixture of Portuguese and Cantonese traditions.
Macau lies in subtropical zone, which determines the hot humid climate during the entire year. Rains and typhoons are common for the region as for all surrounding area. Nowadays Macau is the modern city with numerous skyscrapers and transport system including own airlines. Being the tourist center, at the same time the city’s old historical center is kept untouchable as the UNESCO Culture Heritage Site.