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Liberia is the only former colony in Africa, which gained its independence peacefully, but subsequent civil wars heavily damaged its economy and get the country into poverty in the end. More than 80 per cent of its population lives under the international poverty rank by now. Recent Ebola epidemic made Liberian conditions even worse. There numerous problems remained in Liberia, including humanitarian and social troubles, as well as effects of war conflicts. The main source of revenue for the country is ship registration; due to Liberia having a flag of convenience, 11 per cent of vessels worldwide are registered under its flag.
The state issues a diverse of commemorative coins of Liberia from the early 1970’s. Producing of collectable Liberian coins allows the country to get additional profit. Different series of special Liberian coins commemorate multifarious subjects, mainly internationally popular. Collectable silver coins of Liberia can have traditional appearance or have any thematic shape, referring to the idea of commemorative. Any coin collector or investor can find something interesting for him in the wide range of Liberian coins; many of them can be given as precious gifts too. There are quite unique items between the collectible Liberian coins, which are made of unusual materials. Catch the deals with rare coins of Liberia online at!