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Kazakhstan 500 tenge Sun God Petrogliphs silver proof coin 2000

Kazakhstan 500 tenge Sun God Petrogliphs silver proof coin 2000


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The vast plains of Kazakhstan are the place where ancient nomad tribes used to live since prehistoric times. It’s considered that a horse was first domesticated by human somewhere in the Kazakhstan steppe. The other features that influenced the statement of Kazakh nation were the Silk Road across its territory and the massive Mongol invasion under Genghis Khan Rule. Those were the establishing points of the early Kazakh state. Then Kazakh Khanate had appeared, later it became a part of Russian Empire.
The times of great invaders are perpetuated in series of commemorative coins of Kazakhstan issued annually. Denominations of the special Kazakhstan coins are indicated in tenge. The stunning coins are made of fine precious metals with wonderful effigies on them. Other popular subjects of Kazakhstan coins are steppe fauna, especially endemic species. Due to the location of the country, its territory is covered by deserts, steppe and canyons, mostly dry and vast. Such environment is a home for some endemic species which are now protected.
Fast economic development made it possible to renovate the existing infrastructure and reach the brand new goals. Kazakhstan strongly sustains its culture and sports as well as its unique history heritage. All the achievements of the country are celebrated and commemorated, in Kazakhstan coins minting particularly. While the previous mintages of collectable coins of Kazakhstan were struck in Germany, modern pieces are made domestically.
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