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Great biodiversity of the country is one of the most popular subjects for commemorative coins of Indonesia. Wonderful rare ones of flora and fauna are usually depicted on collectible Indonesian coins issued in the region. Indonesia had got its independence after the World War II and do not has the long history of minting its own commemoratives, but some beautiful coins of Indonesia for collecting keep on launching from time to time. There are numerous spectacular Indonesian coins able to be a great gift for coin collector.
Indonesia is also famous for its warm tropical climate which is ideal for luxury resorts. Many tourists go to Indonesia to enjoy ocean coast and amazing wild nature. The population of the region belongs to about 300 ethnic groups, each having its own traditions and culture. Some of Indonesian cultural heritage are marked by UNESCO as Masterpieces of Humanity; that intensifies interest for the country and attracts visitors. Indonesia has ancient Hindu-Buddhist temples and stunning wooden architecture to look at. Its national puppet theatre and spectacular dance performances are the world-known Indonesian cultural features. Traditional spicy meals of the country are exotic for foreign tourists.
The currency of Indonesia is called rupiah. Thanks to getting rare coins from Indonesia for your collection is easier than you might think. Place your order online at any time and we will ship accurately packed Indonesian coins right to your door.