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The Rock of Gibraltar was captured by Britain in 1713 during the war with Spain. The point has great military and naval importance, because it controls the way out from the Mediterranean to Atlantic Ocean. The Rock played a great role in Trafalgar battle and World War II campaigns; although it remains the subject of argue between UK and Spanish Kingdom. Current Gibraltarians have mixed origin of British, Andalusian Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and others, who migrated to Gibraltar in the last 300 years. The official language of Gibraltar is English, while the common vocal tongue is Llanito, which is the mix of Andalusian and English with different influences of other languages, presented on the territory. Gibraltarians often use the name Llanitos for themselves.
Subtropical climate provides the warm weather during all the year. There are some animals and plants, found in Gibraltar, which do not live anywhere in Europe, except the Rock. Gibraltar has Botanic Gardens where the endemics are safe. Nowadays Gibraltar sustains its economy due to tourism and online gambling mostly. The large part of the state’s income is completed by British military. Issuing of commemorative Gibraltarian coins is a way to enlarge the revenue of the Rock. Rare collectible coins of Gibraltar are available for order online at