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German nation is made up of various ancient tribes, called Germans by Romans. People, lived on the present Germany’s territory, were of different origin and spoke various languages, including Slavic in particular, so the territory was divided between kingdoms, duchies and empires almost constantly during its early history. The later German history is remarkable by creating its own empires and starting the most slaughterous wars in human history. German Nazi regime brought the biggest damage to the human society by extermination of human races, which Nazi considered as “lower” ones, and starting a military campaign leading to the Second World War. The post-war Germany was divided into two states till 1990.
Germany is incredibly rich in cultural and scientific fields of activity. The country has more Nobel Prize winners than any other state. German philosophy and literature has been well-known and influential from the Middle Ages; nowadays they form world classics. The significant part of today’s classical music was composed by German musicians. Arts, architecture and movie industry of Germany are outstanding also. Historical heritage of the country is as exciting, as the modern achievements are. The famous German excellence one can see in producing of commemorative German coins as well. The high quality of craftsmanship, which is inherent for coins of Germany, attracts serious collectors and investors. All thematic designs of German coins are irresistibly spectacular and will make a great precious present for the special occasion. Beautiful collectible coins of Germany are available online at