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The state provides to its citizens the advanced social defense, healthcare and education. The former president of the state Martti Ahtisaari received the Nobel Peace Prize for the common EU defense policy. The peaceful policy is commemorated even in coins of Finland minted for collecting. The precious Finnish coins are rather rare ones in collections, so they’re always desired. Special commemorative coins of Finland may be dedicated to either national features of the country or international occasions. One can buy coins of Finland online via
The most of the Finnish land is covered with taiga forests and swampy zones, because of it and the cold climate the arable lands are not large. The state has vast forests with diversity of wild species, some of which are rare in other places of Eurasia. They are elk, brown bear, gray wolf, whopper swan, wolverine and capercaillie, which is the bird symbol of Finland. National landmarks often appear on the special Finnish coins struck in precious metal.
Sports are very common in Finland, especially the winter kinds, such as ice hockey, skiing, figure skating and others. The country had won a number of medals in international championships. Not only snowy sports, but Formula One either has Finn champions. The northern part of Finland called Lapland is a legendary homeplace of Santa Claus.