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The native population of Fiji was known to European sailors as rampant cannibals, so during the long time from its discovery no one of the explorers tried to land on the island. Because of this the archipelago of Fiji remained unknown for wide outside world for quite a long time. Nowadays Fiji is one of the most prosperous independent countries in Pacific region, despite the fact the republic is politically unstable from gaining its independency in 1970. Tourism is among the main sources of income for Fiji inhabitants. Tropical marine climate of the islands attracts people to spend their vacations on Fiji, so the resort industry is finely developed there. Almost half of the tourists come to Fiji from Australia. The other large sector of income for Fijians is raw materials for sugar producing and other foods export.
There are also mines on the islands, including gold mines. Precious metals are used to produce special Fiji coins intended for collecting. The commemorative and gift coins of Fiji is a way to enlarge country’s income as well. Collectable special Fiji coins have various thematic series, dedicating to the cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage of humankind. Anyone can find the right item for his collection among the multifarious beautiful Fiji coins, presented at All the purchased online commemorative coins of Fiji are shipped for free.