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European countries, being the most powerful and highly developed of past times, have long history of coinage. Many mintage technologies were invented in Europe and expand to the other continents from there. Nowadays commemorative and valuable coins of Europe are very popular among the collectors due to their splendid designs and fine craftwork. Great variety of themes and subjects of European coins’ series makes one’s choice not easy, but pleasant task. The most popular collections of European coins are dedicated to historical personalities, war themes, masterpieces of art, architecture and technical achievements. Moreover, special European coins depicting sport victories and celebrities are constantly in demand, as well as ones with landmarks and different jubilees.
Different collectible coins of Europe complete the large section of assortment of online coin shop Many of them are made of precious metal and decorated with different plating, colorizing or inserts; some base metal coins of limited mintage commemorating significant events and milestones are available too. Orders for collectible European coins are acceptable online 24/7 and will be shipped to any place in the world.
At you can buy not only collectible coins from United Kingdom, Spain, Russia and other commonly known countries, but also ones of small states, such as Andorra, Isle of Man, Armenia etc. Check out our online shop to find rare European coins for your collection or for a gift. All coins come with Certificates of Authenticity housed in original presentation boxes.