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Denmark and its people were connected with the sea all the way through. Vessels and fishing are common in the country still, due to its geographical location and relief. There’s no settlement in Denmark, which is more than 52 km far from the sea coast. The region gave to the world plenty of talented people including writers (Hans Christian Andersen), scientists (Niels Bohr), movie directors (Lars von Trier) and others. The world’s most popular construction bricks for kids were invented and are still developed in Denmark.
The early history of Denmark was connected with Vikings, as the country sustained close relations with other Scandinavian country, Norway, which is considered to be the Vikings’ homeland. While Norwegian Vikings floated in the north Atlantic, Danish Vikings mostly visited British Isles and even settled on the south west of England. Roman coins and old English pennies are often found in Denmark along with Danish coins, proving the strong trade relations of Danes with the neighbors. The old coins of Denmark are found during excavations in the whole region. The collectible Danish coins may be the new commemoratives or the old ones out of use. Special collectible coins of Denmark of different times are available at We provide free shipping of ordered Danish coins to any country of the world.