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The economy of the Islands mostly depends of tourism. Tropical climate and sandy beaches make the islands a good place for rest all the year long, as far as the exotic traditions of Maori attract tourists no less. Natives of Cook Islands make local crafts for sale, the largely popular are woodcarving, weaving and making of some sort of patchwork blanket. Cook Islands are considered to be the zone of offshore financial services, due to its laws, defending the foreign assets. Some of other points of income are pearl, fruit and seafood exports. Because of the distant location of Cook Islands, the state can hardly reach the world’s markets, so it depends on international sustain, mostly from New Zealand and China.
Minting collectable coins of Cook Islands is a way to enlarge the income of the island country. The Cook Islands coins are very spectacular; some have unusual features, such as original shape, various inserts and plating. There are numerous series of Cook Islands coins; each collector will find a proper addition to his collection. Precious collectable coins of Cook Islands are suitable for a gift on any occasion.