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Being the birthplace of one of the earliest civilization, China has numerous remaining heritages to show along with distinctive cultural traditions. Many of the Chinese features are a sort of exotic for western people, others are constantly popular. The most common Chinese trace in the current world is Lunar Horoscope. The system of 12 animal patrons, ruling each its own year, became greatly widespread idea in later decades. As a result the huge amount of Lunar Calendar coin sets appeared in many countries. The original special Chinese coins depicting the animal signs are available too.
The most popular image to mint on the commemorative coins of China seems to be dragon. This mythical creature has been the symbol of China during his long history and currently is its unofficial emblem. Different Chinese coins with variant subjects are for sale at There are coins of China applying to traditional heritage of the country, along with the ones showing current political themes. Some collectible Chinese coins, issued by partly independent territories of the state, are quite rare and desirable ones for collectors. Numerous modern coins of China often have different features to show, such as colorizing, plating, unusual shapes and others.