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The modern history of Canada began in current Quebec, where the first French settlements were established and the territory was claimed to be the French possession. Nowadays, Quebec remains predominantly Francophone province, while the others are English-speaking. Canada has very low population density, especially on the north and prairie zones of the territory.
Currently Canada has tight economic and cultural connections with USA, which had been developing since the end of World War II. The country is rich in natural resources, including oil and gas, the high-tech industry maintain the significant place in its economy also. Science is an important part of Canadian government programs; the country operates its own space program and develops aeronautics manufacturing. Canada enjoys very high living standards and social sustain system.
The coastline of Canada is the longest in the world, additionally, the country has more lakes than any other state does – their total amount is over 2 million. Glaciers, permafrost and volcanoes are located in rocky regions of Canada also. National sport of Canada is considered to be ice hockey. Other winter sports are very popular in Canada too, due to cold snowy climate. The state was host for recent Olympic Games, and the fact is commemorated in Canadian coins sets, issued for collectors. Beautiful special coins of Canada are manufactured by the national Royal Mint. Precious collectable Canadian coins of different themes have various features; there are gift ones, dedicated to special moments, also. The wide range of various coins of Canada is usually available at