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As coin collectors often prefer the unusual coins, the Mints try to attract their attention by design and technologies. Some brand new ways of producing coins and decorating tendencies appeared in the latest time show the amazing fantasy and craft skills of modern minters. Along with traditional flat round struck coins there are coins of different unusual shapes (including silver bullion coins for sale), with various holes and inserts. The most common inserts in pure silver coins of course are crystals, pearls, semiprecious stones and gemstones, which compare collectable coins to jewelry. One can find coins with glass, stone and wooden inserts and even coins containing pieces of meteorites as well. Filigree and various lockets make valuable coins look like real pieces of art. Such unusual coins are very spectacular and rare enough; those make them desired objects for collecting.
Other methods to outstand from the usual commemoratives are colorizing, plating and finish. Vivid colored images or parts of reliefs catch the eye, and so do gilded coins, plated with other metals and bimetallic coins. Coins with antique finish look like old ones covered with patina; such ancient-style items are some sort of substitutes for real historical coins. Sometimes coins are united in thematic sets; silver proof sets are the most valuable ones.
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