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Historically it is considered that Virgin Islands were found by Christopher Columbus uninhabited and it was him who gave the archipelago its current name after Catholic saint. Despite the primacy of discovering belongs to Spain, the empire never settle the islands. British Empire got the lands from Dutch who established the first settlement on the largest of the islands called Tortola. Then Englishmen started to grow there sugar cane by powers of African slaves. Due to many reasons, sugar cane growth declined till the middle of the XIX century.
Nowadays the main points of British Virgins’ income are tourism and offshore banking services. The Virgin Islands is a tax haven, so about 45% of all offshore businesses are registered in the British Virgins. Due to development of tax haven finance industry, Virgin Islands are one of the wealthiest regions in the Caribbean. Nevertheless, the Virgins are often criticized for their opaque tax system. The comfortable tropical climate of the Islands attracts numerous tourists to the territory, where they can enjoy the sandy beaches and boat trips. Many of the tourists come to Virgin Islands from USA.
The commemorative coins of Virgin Islands are spectacular and a kind of rarity. Being the splendid pieces by themselves, British Virgin Islands’ coins usually have the suitable presentation cases made in the similar style to show the better view. The majority of coins of British Virgin Islands have outstanding designs and unusual shapes with unaltered highest quality. A variety of valuable Virgin Isles’ coins for different occasions are available at