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One can buy collectible Botswana coins, showing various subjects connected with the country’s landmarks. Special commemorative coins of Botswana have different shapes and features to please the coin collectors. Exotic and rare Botswana coins will be a great gift for any coin collector or investor, because the issues of commemoratives are quite irregular. Some beautiful coins of Botswana can be ordered online via All the purchased Botswana coins are shipped for free to any place of the world.
Botswana is a multinational state, although the majority of population is Tswana people; their native language is one of two official ones of the country. English has the official status too. There are numerous groups of other African nationalities in Botswana, including tribes leading the traditional hunter-gatherer style of living. Local arts and music events are available for tourists as well. Additionally, the visitors of Botswana can see museums and nature parks, inhabited by wild animals. There is modern tourism infrastructure built in Botswana for last years.
National wildlife reservations and parks were created to preserve the unique biodiversity of Botswana, including big endemic African mammals. The country is very densely populated, due to hot and dry climate conditions in the most of its territory. Despite the comparably high living standards of Botswana, it suffers from the pandemic diseases, which infected almost the quarter part of population.