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The country changed several forms of government, administrative divisions and capitals for its history; current capital is Canberra, which was built for this purpose. Most Australians live in big cities, located on the coast, while the center of the country has extremely low density of population because of hot and dry climate. The population of Australia consists mostly of European and Asian immigrants with a lesser part of indigenous Australian Aborigines. The country’s immigration programs and the policy of multiculturalism led to the diversity of nations presented in the current Australia. Up to half of Australians have at least one parent born overseas.
Australia is known for its significant endemic wildlife. Some of native species, such as kangaroo, koala, platypus, echidna, wombat, emu, eucalyptus and others are world-famous Australian landmarks. The country is a home for the only monotremes and marsupials on Earth; numerous of endemic species are under protection because of danger of their extinction.
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