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Argentina 5 Pesos 2003 World Cup  Silver Coin, Football

Argentina 5 Pesos 2003 World Cup Silver Coin, Football


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The location and climate of Argentina made its territory a place of incredible biodiversity. Variety of ecosystems are from subtropical to subpolar, with different interjacent stages, each of them is home for great amount of species. Thus the land is considered to be megadiverse country. Different climate conditions allow developing agriculture and exporting food and beverages. Wines of Argentina had become popular all around the world. Picturesque historical ancestry and beauty of nature attract to Argentina numerous tourists. The country is second most popular destination for visitors of Latin America after Mexico.
The population of Argentina has mixed descent, although the larger part of its ancestry is considered to be Italian and Spanish, with admixtures of indigenous American people and other ethnicities. Current Pope of Rome Francis was born and raised in Argentina; he is the first American pope in Catholic Church history. Many other famous Argentineans are footballers, due to this game is extremely popular in the country. There are even commemorative coins of Argentina, dedicated to football events. Special silver Argentina coins are quite rare, especially in the Old World. Collectible special coins of Argentina are available at by the best prices. All purchased Argentina coins are shipped worldwide for free.