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The official language of the Valleys of Andorra is Catalan, as it had always been. The country has the unique rural style of life, with people living in small villages and towns in some valleys of Pyrenees. Due to the long time of isolation and small total space, Andorra has neither its own airport nor railways on its territory. The state has commercial heliport instead and the bus transport system, connecting it with France and Spain.
The mountainous location of Andorra promotes the winter sports development, also attracting numerous tourists to the region. About 7 million people visit country’s resorts, mostly for skiing. The other delightful for tourists feature of Andorra is duty-free shopping. The tiny state provides its income by the tax haven status of banking sector.
Andorra isn’t a member of EU, but operates its currency since 2002. As the small Principality had no its own legal tender Andorran coins and notes, previously it used francs and pesetas for transactions. The state started to issue the national Euro notes and coins of Andorra in early 2014. Along with the common currency of Eurozone, there are special coins of Andorra which have no legal value. The commemorative Andorra coins called diners are issued only for collecting, not for using as means of payment. Collectable diner coins of Andorra belong to various series and usually have no denomination. Special issues of Andorran coins are produced from precious or base metal with multifarious decoration technologies and often are very spectacular. Beautiful collectable coins of Andorra are available for order online at