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According to modern researches, Africa seems to be the first continent inhabited by humans. The oldest fossils of apelike human species, found there, are 7 million years old. The earliest traces of Homo sapiens were discovered in African continent as well. The ancestry of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Ethiopia and northern Africa is the important part of human culture. Africa has an incredible wildlife heritage to show; its savannahs and tropical forests are home for many rare species: lions, elephants, apes, crocodiles, giraffes, hippos and many others.
Currently, almost all African states form the African Union, the exception is northern African Morocco, which is the UN member instead. African Union solves political, economical and administrative problems. Despite all the contradictions of African countries and cultures, the commemorative coins of Africa are always desired by collectors, due to their beauty and unique features. Some collectable African coins depict the landmarks of the continent, while the other ones bear images of variant subjects.
Precious commemorative coins of African countries are very different by shapes and materials; there are puzzle-like coins, rectangular coins, the ones with exotic inserts and precious plating. Search for the new African coins for your collection in Africa’s section of Different series of valuable African coins are available there at any time. All the purchased coins of Africa are shipped worldwide. Get the unique piece of Africa online!